Online Video Marketing: How to Promote Your Videos Online With Video SEO

Videos have the upper hand when you want to put across a clear and lucid message. Articles and even images have their limits. Videos are the new medium of choice and this is illustrated by the recent surge of online video popularity.

The world of online videos is thriving, thanks to improved average broadband speeds, affordable video capture devices and the ease of producing videos and posting them online.

The video upload hub of choice is no doubt the Google owned YouTube. It’s simple to set up an account and create your own channel. Recent statistics show that YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine online. This fact alone shows just how important videos are and will be in the future.

Another point of interest is that Google plan to transcribe and index all videos in the future so that video content can be searchable like content within a website.

This means more power to the online video market.

When creating videos keep these pointers in mind:

• Simplicity is key. Provide a clear message that can easily be viewed on any format. Bear in smart phones are everywhere, how does your video look on one of these devices?
• Short and sharp. Everyone’s busy these days and time is of the essence so ensure you deliver the goods quickly.
• Relevance and popularity. Make video’s about what people are talking about within social media circles
• Prices for High Definition cameras are cheaper than you might think.
• Consider Training videos, expert advice or current industry specific affairs.

Producing your video is just the first hurdle you need to clear. Once you have a video in place, it is time to get this media in front as many pairs of eyes as possible. This is where video SEO or video search engine optimisation comes into play.

To best promote your video in the eyes of the search engines, consider these video SEO tips:

• Ensure your videos are not seen as too commercial. Even if the video ranks well in the search results, you need to consider your audience. Look at current popular video trends.

• Your URL linking back to your website should b the first thing to appear within the video description. YouTube only shows the first few lines of your description below your video so make it easy as possible for users to connect with your website.

• YouTube insight is a great tool for gaining in depth view data about each video.

• Ensure you use the full amount designated for your video description as this is all crawlable by spiders. Use keyword rich content.

• Use all available tags and if you are using keyword phrases of two or more words, place the phrase within double quotes like so: “keyword phrase”, “keyword phrase”

• Submit your video to many different video hubs such as YouTube, Metacafe and DailyMotion, making sure you have a keyword rich title.

• Find out what’s popular by getting title ideas from the auto suggest feature within YouTube, also check out Google Keyword Tool to check up on popular search phrases.

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